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—  I am Ahmet Yenertürk

Web Designer, Developer, UX Designer

My name is Ahmet Yenertürk UI designer from Ankara, 10 years of experience in creating and designing works with Photoshop,Illustrator, HTML 5, CSS3, Jquery and Responsive sites for various clients and industries.

Moonchild Turkish Goods

Turkish Anti-Doping Commission

Glory Spare Parts

Arb Advertising Agency

Apple Garden

Üstad Lawyer Magazine

Ark Company

Raven Coaching

Fitcuit Breakfast Cereals

Glory Blinds

Lawyer Selin Karagan

Forseti Law Firm

Arge 360 Software

Infrasis Information Technologies

Koçak Girls Dormitory

Academy Forum

Theta Construction

Bowl Vibes

Koçak Real Estate

Unity in Love & Life Association

Ashtanga Yoga

Tevfik Fikretliler Sports Club

Cowboy's Burger

Tango House

14. Cultural Studies Symposium Creative poster design.

Ahmet Yenertürk Rollei 35 Picture.

—  I am Ahmet Yenertürk

I make Websites that works well and looks beautiful on small and large screens. I have performed various roles in the web industry and believes that the web should be used for social good and that’s the kind of work that I do.

Web Design — UX / UI — E-Commerce — Apps

Development — Wireframing— Prototyping

Art Direction — Graphic Design — Illustration

Print Design — Packaging Design — Brand Identity